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Countries Set to OK UN Migration Accord12/10 06:21

   MARRAKECH, Morocco (AP) -- Top U.N. officials and government leaders from 
about 150 countries are uniting around an agreement on migration, while finding 
themselves on the defensive about the non-binding deal amid criticism and a 
walkout from the United States and some other countries.

   The Global Compact for Migration has proven a test for globally minded 
policymakers who want to ensure safe and orderly migration of people displaced 
by issues like war, economic necessity and climate change.

   They have run into stiff political headwinds, mostly in parts of the West 
that want national borders to remain sacrosanct.

   German Chancellor Angela Merkel joins U.N. Secretary-General Antonio 
Guterres among the biggest names in Marrakech for the two-day conference that 
is set to agree, but not sign, the compact by acclamation shortly after the 
opening Monday.


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